One Word-Thanksgiving


Now, before I get started I wanted to first say that I stopped officially
celebrating holidays as of last year when I noticed that so many black kids, teens, young adults etc were being killed by police officers. As I set back to really pay attention to what was happening I began to notice a pattern from the “4th of July” to “Christmas” that a new story of police brutality would show up on the news or on social media. It was the craziest thing to me that while black people were out at cookouts, shopping, etc that a black person was dying at the hands of the people who pay through our taxes. How could I continue to be apart of this?; I mean I knew the true meaning behind all of the Pagan holidays but I celebrated for family purposes. But this was the last straw, no more could I be a part of the slaugther of my own people.

And if anyone has noticed, its happening again..go look at the events that have happened this year.

So today,

I’m scrolling down my timeline and I am amazed by all of the real Kings and Queens I follow who truly understand who they are and as well as their heritage. To see so many true scholars, historians or real people who have read books instead of using google as a source for everything. It is truly awesome to see people really acknowlege the meaning of this “European ” holiday they call “Thanksgiving”. It is intriguing to see my people post about what really happened on this day. How the indenginous ( Native Americans) were murdered, raped, infected with diseases, and thrown out of their land by the hands of Europeans wanting their resources to create a new world.

And if you know some things about the “Trail of Tears” then you know that Europeans injected “Smallpox” into the Native American blankets as Andrew Jackson forced to give up their land east of the Mississippi River into modern day Oklahoma. Mind you that the land is frozen at the time so the Native Americans have to use their blanksets for warmth so it was the “perfect” plan ( in so many words) to make sure they were infected.

So you can imagine my delight to see many people telling the true story through posts on social media ( again from the real “awake” people who know instead of simply reposting what someone found on a “meme” on instagram).

This is truly awesome as my people recognize there ancestors even dropping the story of Christopher Columbus and by the way I know many people will say “I’m tired of seeing “fake awake” people tell me why I shouldn’t celebrate, let people live and enjoy” ; well thats just it they are FAKE AWAKE so they have no real clue as to what they are talking about. So of course most people who find it annoying to keep scrolling down the timeline reading the same thing repeately.

However, I am talking about the real people who know about their heritage. The ones that really did the research or they ACTually read books to gain knowlege before they decide to just hop on social media and become “all knowing” lol.

But I want to say THANK YOU! Kings and Queens! ( and really to the Queens because you all are really dropping that knowledge today!) and shoutout to my Native Americans because you are the real MVP’s you all have been through so much but have stood the test of time. The idea that someone who got lost, named you “Indians” because he thought he was in India, the idea that you were infected, thrown off your reservation and so much more and still standing is awesome!

Lastly, I want to tell the rest of you to LEARN YOUR HISTORY! because then you will realize that the only holidays we need to be associated with is “MLK Day, Kwanzza, Juneteenth, Malcomn X Birthday, Huey P. Newton, Stockey Carmicheal or any of the black revolutionaries birthdays”. Just as a heads up.

Have a great day and also learn to be Thankful everyday anyway instead of devoting it to just one day.









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