Blame It On You: Chrisette Michelle


(picture: via Instagram @chrisettemichelle)

Black Girls Rock..but today you didn’t, you had a chance to stand up for yourself and your people and you chose not to. See as an artist you have been through a lot in your musical career. We’ve seen you be apart of a label with no recognition, write songs for others and have to battle to prove that it was your original work. We have even seen you become a solo artists who has battled with her weight, curves, hair and relationships.

And we watched you leave the stage to journey across the world ( changing your hair, your relationship status and even your music). You even started a clothing line for “curvy”girls that ended abruptly, then you went back to music, and now you have decided to blog.

Seems that you have been battling with “Self” for a very long time and just maybe you still are.

Rich Hipster it looks like you are having an “identity crisis”, that you are aware that you are a Black Woman however, the struggle for who Chrisette Michelle  is a public and private battle. And the reason I say that because every thing you have done weeks into it you make a statement that it’s not making you happy.

So when you decided to perform at the inaugural celebration it didn’t surprise me ( both in the understanding of the business; you needed the money ( I get it) and on the fact that you have been struggling with your identity. But what really drew my attention was the poor response you gave for the choice you made.  (Pictured below)



(via RichHipster and Instagram @chrisettemichelle).

“We Can’t Be Present If We’re Silent”

“My heart is broken for our country, for the hopes of our children, for the fights of those who came before us.

I cry at the thought that Black History, American History might be in vain.

This country has had great moments. God has shined His light upon us.

Today, I hope that Great Moments begin in peaceful & progressive conversation. I am willing to be a bridge. I don’t mind “These Stones”, if they allow me to be a voice for the voiceless.

I am here.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about what matters,”.

I am here, representing you, because this is what matters.”


– Chrisette Michele




Chrisette Michelle, WHO are you talking to?  ..are you talking to yourself? or you just wanted to say a few words that sounded good? because nothing you said makes sense to anyone with a brain.

Now I can say that , yes we as Black people are sleep! but in no way are we absent from the situation at all , if anything we are aware of it.

Your heart is broken for your people? what have you done for your own people besides post the picture on Instagram with the hashtag?  and what makes this statement so meaningless is that you are low-key promoting a song (“These Stones”, it sounds like the sequel to “Blame It On Me”) . And then you tried to justify what you said with a Martin Luther King Jr. quote and stating that we are voiceless. WE HAVE VOICES!….Real Ones! what you did was dig a whole for yourself.

This statement was written so that you could validate yourself on why you chose to perform. If you really wanted to take a stand you need to be understanding to something..the revolution is WON when we fight back with ACTions with people who genuinely want to help YOUR people. And you fight the ones who don’t care by showing that YOU will take care of it anyway.

Your President does not want to help you or your people at all, you were called after many denied and your initial agreement was $750,ooo and you received $250,000. This was done for a paycheck and you know it. And to be COMPLETELY honest with you “All Money Ain’t Good Money”.

***Insert*** (because I know people will ask)

Have I ever walked away from money or an opportunity ?  Yes!, recently because I did not want that attached to my image and more importantly it did no benefit my community at all. Taking the opportunity would have compromised everything that I stand for and it would’ve blocked better things for me. 

Yes, sometimes you can’t take money or a job just because you have bills , you turn it down because your conscience convicts you of your beliefs. That is the point of why some disagreed with your performance , they knew that you are not down for the cause and had no opposing music to sing against them.

And here it is January 23 and you are still trying to justify your ACtions..that tell us you MADE a mistake, you feel guilty because you did it for the money. Your fiance’ made it worse by coming after Spike Lee ( after he took away your Netflix deal and song for his project). Chrisette Michelle you were wrong and its okay to admit your faults

FYI using the hashtag “No Political Genius” is just to promote more of your project ( yeah I caught that).

Chrisette Michelle, if you’re going to fight in this war, then you gotta learn how to fight”.







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