I doubt it…Its not REAL



You ever wanted to scream and holler at the same time?

That’s exactly how I feel in this very moment…not this second or these minutes or even in this particular set hour..but right now…

I’m so sick of people trying to convince me that doing what THEY want me to do is beneficial to me..that my art should be centered around them in general..

All the time I get the “I’m here to help you”, ” im giving you the platform”, “giving you the blog” to do what you want. Lies because the truth is when you are working with others who’ve already built something you are doing what THEY want you to do…

*****I’m an artist..if you put me in a box or the glimpse of the motion comes in my eyes …you ask anger to walk by holding frustrations hand…It’s torture *****

People will say all of that but are the same ones that won’t even read or glanceat your work outside of what you do for them. They are the same ones that won’t repost, share, retweet or even comment on your own work. But in the same breath expect you to do that for their business…

And i get it …its business..

But don’t lie…its where the doubt came from…

It’s why I doubt so much in general because people will say or do, sometimes even promise to do one thing…and do another..sometimes even leave you out to dry….in the end..

I’ve seen it …and how do I know because it has happened to me so much it’s why I’m so independent with the reliance being FULLY on myself…

To be honest..I don’t rely on anyone for s*** .., I don’t trust anyone and especially in this business other than me…

***Apologizing for the cursing…I don’t do that unless I’m angry so I gave it up…and I’m not angry its just I need to say this so that my soul triggers another soul to know that in NO way am I playing******

People will “help” you as they consider it but its an exchange for what they want you to do, no care about your well-being …as long as they can remind you of the things they do for you…

I hear it all the time “, I did this for , I did that for you”…the reminders and to be honest if you have to remind people of what you did for them …then it was never done from the right place from the beginning…

People don’t do anything GENUINE anymore…and its very slim that you may even find anyone who will do things from their heart *hint those are the ones that don’t have to repeat what they have done for you****

See people who start a business while they have the means( money)  can’t relate to anyone who starts with NOTHING. Like they built it from the ground up with no money, no place to live..no anything..I honestly believe the passion for success is completely different.

To me one deserves it more…..debate me if you want but its the truth…

Let me say this ..when a person comes in my face and say I’m a help you with something I’ve already done   ….it makes me remember who I used to be and how I would have just went off…on site because I know from jump they lying…

Trust me I know that no one has to be understanding or even truly care about your personal life …I get it…its business…

.And you know what really makes it bad is when they want you to Barter by downplaying your dreams..and then have the aumidigated gaul to call it “helping you grow”

The Barter System…the gift and the curse….

It low-key enslaves you into the debt of others…think about it…

 I don’t beleive anything until I see and it can prove me wrong …until then

its doubt.




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