TBC Cosmetics: Is Black Owned




Finally! a Black Owned Cosmetics line that features products that are handmade! This is what I am talking about !..#BlackGirlMagic ! know I know that there are other lines out there but how many are handmade? and literally are to help and protect your skin?. Its rare even in the midst of all of these other major cosmetic companies who don’t really cater to skin type let alone skin color.

(see how this blue is poppin!)


Now, every girl loves makeup right?! well majority of us do and for women like me who struggle with sensitive skin, eczema, combination and acne prone skin it can be a real fight making sure we are using products that won’t cause a breakout. So its great to have products that are kind to our skin.

Tbc cosmetics does that are vegan and cruelty free! so everyone can use them and on top of that these eye shadow pigments are BOMB!…look at these swatches and tell me you are not impressed.



From bath bombs, lotion, soaps, eye shadows, lipstick you name it these are products you need to add to your collection. Plus you know handmade products are made with care and they smell amazing.



There is no way anybody should turn these products down and not invest in something that is real and worth every penny. These products are pocket friendly

Eyeshadow bundles $8

Individual eyeshadow $3

Now tell me thats now affordable?!…so go check them out on instagram: @tbccosmetics and hit that link to order now.


Tell them A.C.T. sent you



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