AceBoogie: ‘Waiting” so “Y” Stop

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Every now and then you come across an artist with a dope music background, one that gives credit to the greats before us and it’s always dope to hear the enthusiasm in the artist voice about their musical heritage.

And that’s how I and AceBoogie271 started the conversation by him first telling me that his grandfather (Benjamin Johnson) played alongside the Commadors and he grew up hearing stories about life on the road and the highs and lows of the entertainment life. But those stories keep AceBoogie 271 going in his career and with so much inspiration there is no stopping this artist because at this rate there are no limits for him.

I chopped it up with AceBoogie271 and here’s what happened. ..

Me:  AceBoogie271 is a different name that looks like it may have some meaning, where did it come from?

AceBoogie271:  It came from the streets and from the movie “Paid in Full”, which is my favorite movie. I was the youngest, wisest person in the crew so they called me “Ace” and them Boogie comes from the movie. 271 comes from a label that I started and what I stand for.

Me:  That’s dope, not too many people your age know about that movie and it’s nice to hear that you identify from it as well have drawn inspiration. And with that do you consider yourself just a rapper or a singer?

AceBoogie271: I consider myself to be a Jack of All Trades , I am very versatile, as someone who has written over 1000 songs which are archived I know there is nothing I can’t do .

Me: Wow you are a well- rounded individual whose focus is awesome, I can definitely see you going places creatively.

AceBoogie271: Yes I am, I plan on writing for so many others including myself

Me: Who is someone you are interested in working with?

AceBoogie271: 21 Savage because we share the same story of coming from nothing to something

Wow, what an amazing individual right? We talked for a very long time and the vibes were very inspirational as this young man even has plans on giving back to his community and starting a non- profit organization.

The world needs more people like him to push the forward movement of positivity in the community as well as more people who truly love art and are attached to it from their heart. With is new singles “Waiting” and “Y” OUT NOW… and with his appearance at this week’s 4/20 Festival in Atlanta, Ga he is someone who everyone needs to go see.

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So make sure you are in the area and catch him performing live as he puts on for the city of Atlanta and reveals why he is on his way to the top to impact the world.

Find him on social media and make you are following so you can be sure to check him out and watch this young cat make moves! !

Instagram: AceBoogie.271




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