The CoverGirl Metallics


So I received this package a while ago from Influenster however, I’ve been prolonging it because I had a couple of other things on my plate and well I really wanted to get the full effect from all of the products in the box.  The reason is because well it had been a while sense I had received anything from them and it happened to come just as I was contemplating on getting a new mascara and eye palette.



Well needless to say , Covergirl almost came through for me because although they were items  I needed their was a product that I was kind of unhappy with. Now, keep in mind I did receive these from #Influenster from Maybelline complimentary to test and all of these opinons are my own.

Okay so now that we have the important stuff out of the way, lets start..first off I am the swatch Queen!..I mean when I swatch my goal is to be certain its going to show up on this Golden the morning pale skin. I mean I don’t put half the product on my finger but I get the amount I need for it to show up on me.


And as you can see from the picture  ( which by the way this was my 2nd attempt) the colors just wouldn’t come through. I was kind of appauld and please in no way think because a product is from the drugstore doesnt mean it cant be pigmented like high end brands . But for this palette I expected more I mean its a METALLIC eyeshadow palette so I expected it to really pop but sadly it didnt.

So this is where it was an almost fail…until…


The Falsie Push Up Mascara! …when I say I can officially pull off that whole “is she wearing lashes?” look and I dont wear lashes ( yep I said it) …this mascara is BOMB! and thats without a winged liner!. This was clearly created by someone who loves me and they just dont know it. Maybelline you have a win with this one and this is definitely the weekend mascara for those special events and nights.

Now I will say I love receiving the purple eyeliner because hey black gets boring sometimes right? lol no ..but it was very smooth going on ( sorry I have no pics for that one on me ). But you a glimpse of  some looks from the pics below..


Thanks for reading and reviewing with me





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