Papi D

There is always a new artist on the rise and they are born everywhere so it never surprises me when a young person comes out and has so much heart to share their craft. It’s great to see so many people chasing their dreams to better lives and I can say that this generation has it down pack.

Every now and then I run across someone who has the hunger that so many people don’t have these days when it comes to succeeding.  This new artist out of Jersey is one that is fresh with ambition and edge that most have never seen, his name is Julian Pope  but his stage name “Papi D” .

From the streets of Camden, New Jersey  this artist is a fan of 50 cent and the Dipset crew , you all remember the squad from back then that took over?. Yes , we all loved Jim Jones, Juelz , Cam and the entire crew and this young man was inspired by them so you know he is a rapper with heart and is driven to win. This artist is fully equipped with knowledge of hip hop and lyricism when it comes to the people he has studied or been inspired by. Papi D is one amazing individual who is on the brink of taking over for his city by remaining himself through all his experiences and trials.

Papi D grew up in a single parent home and through times developed into a man who remained loyal, trustworthy  and genuine throughout his entire career and it has taken him so many places. He has performed in various places ; with over 40  shows including Chilatlantala and SXSW with opening for artist such as PNB Rock, Ar-Ab and Pedi Crack.

His resume is already impressive with these opportunities already behind him so you already know there is more to come.  We know that Papi D has way more up his sleeve for the next couple of years because his city is on his shoulders and he wants to make a better life for his family , especially his mother.

Find his music on Apple, Itunes, Tidal , Youtube and on social media .

Instragram: @papidcmd

Twitter:  @papidcmd


Click the link to check out his new single






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