Mentally Unbelievable….


Someone recently told me that they would tell Oprah “how I got a phone call that would change my life”  and I had to stop because I had a phone interview. My reply was Oprah, would be on my show when that conversation happened but also it was I would let them know when I receive that call because I still haven’t gotten it yet. …

But I have gotten all the emails and phone calls I didn’t want…..

I’ve been 30 for 3 days now and I can say that the journey here was interesting, it opened my eyes to a lot more to the world, especially to people. However, my mind has been fixated on the fact that I had so many goals that I wanted to happen by the time I got to this age….so many things I know I tried my best to accomplish and nothing.

As a free spirit, entrepreneur and especially as an artists..sometimes you can feel like you are simply a total failure and that all of your enemies may have been right all along. I havent’ got a friend in this world…..I couldn’t tell you the last time that I didn’t feel alone…

There are some opportunities I’ve received but don’t want to mention because I never know how things may turn out for me……but I can tell you how it will turn out for others

Somebody asked me what did I want my birthday my reply was love, freedom, peace, happiness…..I mean sure there were material things listed but those were the biggies. Figured I’d ask for things I’ve never had.

The quote from the Yogi Tea above says “Mental Happiness is total relaxation” I think for me it should say “Total happiness is complete mental relaxation”….because mentally I am happy..just anable to relax AT ALL especially in my living situation ( it doesn’t allow space to )…

People always say to me “ I bet once you get out of that house, you will take off and just’ll be unstoppable”….that’s just what people don’t understand is I have been trying for a YEAR now to get out….like anyone else getting that? or is everyone just talking to hear themselves speak?

You would think I’m heartbroken…I am not…if anything I simply would like the love I put out returned to me. See I don’t get to cry, show any emotions or even be sad…I have to stay stong…because my own eyes are on me. And the one thing I don’t want to see myself defeated in front of me.

I don’t know if I’ll even get to say “back then” or I remember when” …all I can tell you is that the NOW seems like its been here forever….See I’ve never been handed anything…I’ve always had to work for it….and one of the reasons is because I was taught that
“nobody, was going to give me anything”  that everything had to be earned.

Needless to say I have spent a lot of years earning, but the things I figured I deserved I still   had to earn and that included love, peace, happiness, freedom. See all of those I have tried to earn as well because again I was taught “nobody, was going to give me anything”.

Even life, now that was given but in order to keep it I was taught that I had to earn my right to be here.

See I think its me….no I know its me…

I believe that great outcomes will happen for others including my enemies…but I struggle with believing that for me because I base it off my work ethic and fighting the brainwashed of constantly being told that I would never make it..but I’m learning I need to believe..

A.C.T.  , do you doubt God? ( universe) no…I know he is going to work it out for others…that he will do the small simple things for me as he as always done…its the miraculous and supernatural, the blowing of my mind….that I would like to see for me……because I know he will do it for others…its just me I want to see him do it for….

Not due to no one else will …but because its the only way anything will happen…

I have NOT met a person that can help me even close to how much I help myself or have helped other people…

And I’m almost certain that I never will….





the Happy 30th Birthday apology J#14



Dear Me,

I wanted to apologize for having you come down this road and it end differently , when so much work was put in to change it. Unaware that God was apparently still teaching us, molding us…or taking us through the process. I really thought we had already learned so much by now.guess things to work out differently for everybody. Remember when we had that conversation that we were going to take over the world and BE somebody by the time we were 30. Yea, those were strong and assuring conversations back then…grinding, late nights..making it happen by any means necessary.

Our work was supposed to be introducing us by that work ethic was phenomenal as always. But we were knocked down again..had to get back up even while we/are down. It’s a lonely road man ….especially when its nobody knows this story but us.

I remember we used to pray for better days…still do, we said that we were going to be Global Icons and the 30th was going to be jumping..and we were going to be traveling peace and love. You’re turning 30 today and they said you would be sitting some place crying, with no friends, barely any income….looks like they were right. Funny thing is we never spoke this into our lives …..we never even made the agreement that it would happen.

We fought to prevent it from happening….they laughing at you..I always…lowkey celebrating that the prayers on your downfall have worked. They upset that your still alive….that’s the only up you got on them.  I’m sorry this was never was supposed to To be honest .I have no clue how it did.




I tell you one thing…its a glimpse of who really in your corner….who your real family is…who your real friends are. That consist of all 8 of the starts and ends there.

Just wanted you to know that I apologize..gave it my all and my best shot. I hope tomorrow comes and goes as quickly as possible so that you don’t have to keep looking at it for long.

I love you…

Get up tomorrow put your makeup let the world have their moment of laughing and celebrating your downfalls…

One day you’ll be able to shut them up….

Now that promise is on my life…

And if it mean anything…Happy Birthday

-A.C.T.  1/14/17



In The Pouring Rain….



I read a post today where Kirk Franklin was explaining the process of “going through it to get to it” something that I have heard in church and have experienced even as of today in my life.

You realize a lot of things when you fall …who your friends are, how to go without , if you have a family,  to be determined to smile and even that spending money on experiences is better than on buying material things.

Nobody ever told me it would be like this” 

These are all of what I have going on right now. I’ve been here before…in fact I can say that I’m in a much better position than last time. I started to believe the first time I was here was the “trusting God” phase and now here is  the “awakening “.


What do I mean? …to say that I have a totally different outlook on life is an understatement …I have a brand new look at it. From looking at only what I saw to looking at my entire life and where I have gotten to. And I realized the day I asked God to show me who I was up until the day I made a decision to follow my dream..that I was in the right place.

And although, it didn’t look like it ..this was supposed to happen.

I remember wanting to someone to say “I love you”, “I’m proud of you”…”I got your back”…..”Come here, let me give you a hug” ….“don’t worry I’ll take care of you”.. None of those things ever came from anybody. So I learned to say them to myself, to give myself a hug, have my own back, take care of myself, be there for ME. Because I didn’t want validation from anyone…I just wanted to feel those things. know and until they could come from someone else…the first part was doing it all myself. No one else has ever done and even people who say they do ….lies..I’m convinced by none of them.

Revamping and rebooting my life is a must even when on days I should leave well enough alone. It’s a slow process but fast process because of the determination I have to get it done. The last time I cried was when I wrote a poem on part of my life that I had been trying to avoid addressing …..( but that’s another blog).

Wanting to succeed is a gift, I couldn’t call it a curse ..I would just say to those of you who want to ..know you are in for an experience ..that’s the only way you will even see results.

Now, those I will tell you about once I start to really get them….I’ve had some but none to talk about.

“Rain down on me”  

The continuous shower ( overflow) of blessings…

Excited to have the chance to feel how that it is…you know somebody like me who truly would appreciate it.

Someone once asked me “If God gave you everything you wanted ( asked for) would you be able to handle it”? . Back then my answer was no….but after all of the experiences and how God has humbled me….I most definitely know I can handle it great.

Simply because I know what it will mean to me when its given to me. …

I hear people all the time complain about their paychecks; whether they are short or how they don’t make enough. Hearing that and I just look at them and see how much people based their lives off of money …something that’s not real. Especially complaining when they are doing something that’s not even their purpose or passion. Then I look and think I would be the one who would complain.

Smh…..that’s why I have to remind myself I truly have no friends..based off a lot of the things they say. They don’t really believe in God or the Universe…which is what makes me look and go but they seem blessed to me…because I believe in both and look at me. ..

I used to go running for peace…I stopped…sometimes it looked like things got worse it was over and once I returned to the house….everything would come rushing back….

Most people think I’m running away from something…I’ve ACTually been running towards something…I changed directions a long time ago…

The road to 30 in 2 days….

How does it feel?

Like being in a room…where you have tried from the simplest thing of turning the knob to busting the door down…and it still won’t open…

Like you have searched for secret doors…holes in the wall…and there are no windows…

Don’t tell me it will be okay…or that its coming..or that everything will work out…I know that…

Tell me something different ..if your plan is to tell me anything..







Un-Extraordinary Clay by L’Oreal




So a week or a ago I received my next complimentary voxbox from Influenster…and to be honest I was not really excited about it due to what I knew I was receiving. Turns out the product did just what I unexpected to do; and yes I did say unexpected because although I was un excited I’m always curious about how different products work on natural hair. And I know for my hair it loves homemade products and that’s whether I make them myself or purchase from someone or a clothing company that specializes in completely natural ingredients.

And with that being said…here comes to review. ..




The clay itself ( pictured above) smelled really good , the substance was not pasty or too creamy it was almost like a gel but thicker. In other words in wasn’t thick like ACTual clay but its texture was almost similar. When I places the product on my hair it looked like a white substance instead of green ( you can see in the picture) and it was only left on for 1-5 minutes as the instructions state. No tingle feeling or burning and then I proceeded to wash it out I can say I didn’t like how my hair felt simply rinsing the product out. My hair was very stringy it was uneasy to wash out the clay even though it only needed to be applied to the roots of my hair.






The Re-Balancing Shampoo was thick and I typically don’t used shampoo on my hair due to it really washes out the nutrients in the hair, but you have to use the 3 parts to the system to get results. This product made my hair feel dry and it was still stringy it was if the product was trying to make my hair dryer just for the system to boost. Now, my hair is natural and its dyed and I take very good care of it since it is dyed and its vital that I keep it moisturized. However, this product I will say that I am glad that the conditioner was there because it brought my curls back to life and had them poppin for a while ( as you can see in the picture) .




Clay Applied



So the only thing I can say is worth it is the Rebalancing conditioner because it’s what literally REBALANCED the hair after the first 2 steps in this process.

Now here is the 48 hour test…



Ummm I am a Black woman so I don’t have to wash my hair every day..and because I am a Black woman yeah this….had no effect on my hair; as far as keeping the hair motorized . Meaning if it had not been for the L.O.C. method my hair would be dry..because it was DRY. And no natural girl wants dry curls because that can cause “crunching”.

To say it out loud…leave this system alone because it’s clearly not for OUR hair .

The Albums You Got On and the Ones You Slept on: The Rap Up 2016


I’m trying to decide on where to start..hmm the albums that I know you all got on because of social media or the ones I know for a fact you all slept on because you not a fan…….and you should be..hmmm let’s see …

YOU ALL SLEPT on BASSSSSSSSSSSSSSIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Bas!!! *J. Cole voice*…”Too High To Riot” …man listen ! there was NOTHING wrong with this album from the cover, production, the order, lyrics and the vibe!…Look if you are a dreamville fan then you were waiting on Bas to drop a project simply because he that DUDE.

The man went IN on this album it’s no words to even go into it just know you all SLEPT on this project and now you need to give it a listen. okay…

You all GOT on that Kendrick Lamar “Untitled” though..why?! because you kept hearing all of those dope tracks on Jimmy Kimmel and you wanted the project. Yea you all were on this one…I was low key proud of some of you ..much love from us ..thanks for the support ( my husband lowkey lol).

But… all REALLY SLEPT on Anderson Paak!…..That “Malibu” that’s album of the year! it’s not debatable ….at all! if you are a real music head….you know I am telling %100000000000 the truth on this one!…and you know how I know majority slept on him because at the BET awards peeps were tweeting “Who is that?”..”up time to change the channel”… really? did you hear this album! do you know who he is? who he has worked with??…clearly not …..

Now this one right here!…..real peeps was waiting on him to get better! ..I mean he was having a rough last 2 years with breaking away from labels, being stressed out, sick …overdosing…it was crazy. But we kept him in our hearts and on February 13th he HAPPENED!

CHANCE THE M*****F***** RAPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..Listen if you didn’t cop ‘Coloring Book” I have no idea what you were doing…maybe you were out there listening to one of those “Lil” rappers…I don’t know but you would’ve been somewhere excited about life. Yeah a lot of us were ON this one….

Slum Village dropped an album……………… all did not know that did it…yeah for all the so-called “Fans” out there..yep its called “Yes” go get it …SLEPT on

You all GOT on that Drake though “Views” played it for days and weeks at a time…I know  because they were all in your captions on Instagram.

I was proud of all of you that GOT on Solange’s “A Seat At The Table” it showed you all had character…lol

Now, the internet really should have broke for this one…”We got it from Here..Thank You 4 Your service”…..A Tribe Called Quest was SLEPT on …..I mean really???? ( rest in paradise Phife)…but nobody was on this like they should have been. low-key I was shocked but nowhere near surprised at this..

*****Mixtapes that were SLEPT on***

  • Wale-Summer on Sunset
  • Every month that Curren$y Spitta dropped something ( all year)
  • Rapsody- Crown ( I should have  punched a couple of you in the face for this one)

Okay back to these albums :

I know you all GOT on that Common “Black America Again” ( well the real ones did) ….and that Jeezy “Trap or Die 3″….ayeee the return of the Snowman…..those are given. and Meek Mill “DC4” …..his fans waited forever for that one…

I’m not giving you all my secret rappers and r&b all not ready for that yet…so hold on…( I got to keep scrolling)


You all SLEPT on Anderson Paak for the 2nd time because you should have  heard “Yes Lawd”. then you all turned around again and SLEPT on Big Baby D.R.A.M. even after Erykah Badu told said go cop it!….smh….

***Did anybody cop Alicia Keys album???? I hope so..and Emeli Sande….because you definitely need both of them***

The Weeknd….yea you all got him

FRANK…..OCEAN! enough said…I mean because I started to feel like Ruby Dee when she played in American Gangster …”Frank, Frank….were’s Frank”…… that “Frank on the phone?”!…

the entire world should have been ON this and if you slept on it then you should go delete everything you listen to and never discuss music again. If you don’t have “Blond” in the rotation then I know what kind of people you listen to.

We are not going to talk about School Boy Q and the “Blank Face” album because it was so SLEPT  on it was ridiculous …

You are were not on the “Life of Pablo ” wave…with Kanye….think some of you were still bumping “Views”….. which by the way you should have Tigallero…

De La Soul dropped……none of you knew..don’t be artificial and say you did either it’s called “and the Anonymous Nobody” you’re welcome…

Then you all tried to pretend to be down with Ab-Soul.”DWTW” was incredible!…to be honest …and of course J.Cole “4 your eyez only” …

only the conscious intelligent people listened to the great albums of this year….NO your ratchet rappers and fake trap music don’t get on the playlist. Even if they were released from prison they maybe cool people…but they not on the playlist..unless its the gym…

Okay I think that’s everybody…at least that I’m going to tell you all about……lol

Tell me if you think I missed anyone though ( I doubt it or it may have slipt my mind…I got ADHD )….


Oh last thing..somebody send me $18 so I can purchase this domain..preciate it.



Fold Clothes for Me ? : Am I Dateable

Image result for J.Cole-Folding Clothes

Can you fall for someone if the only thing you have to offer is you? like you are someone in my situation where you have no current job, the living situation you are in is not the best , you have no car and you spend your days staying positive and passion driven.

Is it okay to still want that? well not still want that but I guess in the “real world” that would be deemed unacceptable. Because the world would say you have nothing to offer to anyone because you don’t have the things they say is necessary.

So the real question would be “Could you have a relationship” with the Dream circumstances. Meaning you are following your dream, things may have happened but you remain focused, positive, happy, caring ; all while keeping your faith high. And although you may have a small moment but you continue to rise to the occasion.


Image result for what do you bring to the table

Would a woman or a man date someone  like me?. Someone determined to make it by any means necessary, that is doing the work to become successful ? Is that a datable person? meaning they are having a tough time even before a relationship starts or during the “talking” phase?

Could a person have love and happiness in that?. Think about it , most people say they go through hard times while in a relationship..what about someone who is going through a process before all of that even begins.

Is that someone who is dateable . someone worth building a relationship with? Someone worth giving your time to?

Like you knew this person was going to make it based off of what you see or heck maybe you didn’t believe that. Is this someone you could see yourself having longevity with?


Image result for relationship

I asked because we live in a different day and age where stuff like this is happening all the time ( and no I’m not talking about people screaming “they in the studio” and they not really in the studio or really doing anything). I am talking about men and women who are out here chasing their dreams in spite of adversity and are still willing to take a chance because they are determined to make it.

Remember we come from a generation before us where you had to have a job, be in school ( or both), you gotta bring something to the table “other than yourself” ..well what if all a person had was “self” and their passion. Is that enough?

And you know I am in no way saying that if you don’t date the person then you could be missing out because once they become famous or whatever then you would be mad……



I mean that can has happened to many people. The question is simply could it be done, are you a person that could do that? . Even it meant that you as the spouse had to be the one with a 9-5 ..because they were chasing something bigger than them.

Is this the type of society that we live in or are we still set on “what a person can “materialistically ” or “what we prefer them to” bring to the table…..




4 Your Sake Only…well me to

***Pictured above is the last real meal I had ****  I wished I cooked it…

Let me be honest with EVERYONE because I want to do something different than what what the world does which is tell everyone about the Progression other than talk about the REAL struggle and how they fell at this moment. Nobody wants to talk about what its really like at this moment as you are chasing your dream and I feel like people to know the truth during the process of things that go in their life.

I lost my job ! and to think that I was only there for 10 months all because of a system error that really had nothing to do with me. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me ( you would think having to get up at 4:30am, catching 4 buses to get to work and coming back at 7 0r 8pm would count for something right) , last time I was training someone and the person I trained messed up under my creditentials without me knowing and they blamed me.

By the way I was offered a job then it was taken away because a manager put on a “Misconduct” report on my file, again the situation had nothing to do with me.


And before anyone asked yes I just started getting unemployment….oh and food stamps for $16.

Now, to some you would say “you’re an artist, you are single with no kids” you can do so much and you are right I can but guess what I have never owned a car in my life. Why? because I never learned how to drive and whenever I tried to make both happen either the money had to be used or I was involved in an accident with someone else driving.

I am an artists so I have to be transparent, so I have to tell you all that I have NO help, NO support system nobody literally but Jesus Christ. I have been homeless because my landlord through me out and when I got my last job all of my money to back rent and other things they forced me to pay. On top of that I was trying to catch up to a debt that was created when I lived with a roomate 2 years ago and now here again I have lost my job.

I thank God for friends who helped before because I have NO family to depend on, and most of them would say its my fault. But to be honest I knew I was better off because of how they treated me and they decided that since I wanted to be different that they were going to leave me alone anyway.





Following the path God puts you own requires much of you and it meant that I had to loose some people a long the way. I wanted to share this because all I’ve ever wanted was to be successful, to live this artist dream, work for Complex magazine where I could fully live me dream. I dreamed of dope hip hop artists and others interviewing with me, covering all music festivals  and outreach programs, and makeup companies giving me my own line. Dreamed of living in a loft in Dc with my own car; finding true love, peace , happiness and wealth. You know I wanted to be better than Karen Civil.

My vision board and my notebooks have my dreams on them. Heck I wanted to release my first book and thats done but no funds to make it happen.

Because I’ve never had none of that. People would call me selfish say I have only every considered myself but the truth is I didn’t get selfish until about 2 years ago because I had spent my life making sure everyone else was okay. I had to learn how to put on a smiling face when I knew old friends and family were laughing at me. I decided I didn’t care and it don’t bother me but when the glimpse of reality is in front of you showing you why…its a hard pill to swallow.

I don’t eat because I know I need to save money right now, I stopped excercising because I spend all day looking for a job. The environement I live in I have to make myself be creative because if  I don’t I may loose it. This is the truth and when friends either live with their people or have kids its nothing you can do especially when they have help and you honestly have none.

Both of my parents are alive and both of them could care less. I wish I could have a leap of faith or that God would show up for me. My faith is all I have left because its a walk that I take alone everyday. Glad I have learned not to be ashamed at all.

My only progression right now is simply getting up every morning. I long for change and for the manifiestations of God to come into my life. I dream alot .i know I’m blessed and no that I  will make it. Its somethings I could tell you but I’ll wait.

I remember dreaming that I was going to be on top of the world and God would get all of the glory out of my life. To be honest if he is getting glory right now I have no idea how.

As a writier I wrote a letter……( i’ll leave it at that).



Looking at some lives on social media you think that I was the one making all the mistakes because of where I am but the truth is I know God forgave me. Now, no one tell me to pray, stay positive, etc. because I know and do all that.

Hey I am the biggest advocate of self care and I don’t do anything for myself….

I have seen so many come out of advesity and trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong ..heck I wish I could pack up everything and move to a better place.

My dreams are my first home, never had or lived in one of those. My dreams are my peace and happiness because thats the only place that I have it. I learned to appreicate what I have and be grateful for it just want better that’s all.

Longing for the day I can have a home to come home to, cook, sip wine, mellow and have great vibes….no worries…

No sad story I just wanted to tell you all the truth….



Elf’s First Influenster Box



I got it!…it came and I was excited, you would’ve thought I’d never used an elf product before like I don’t own any of their products ….and clearly I own a ( brush, setting spray and makeup wipes) amongst other things. But here it was the first ever E.l.f. VoxBox and I was selected to try it out! Now, for those of you who are new to the makeup work(e.l.f stands for eyes, lips and face) and although they are considered to be “drugstore” makeup they are defintely making their mark on the beauty world by recently going live on Wall Street and working with countless beauty vloggers across the world. E.l.f is taking this world by storm by keeping their products affordable but competive with high end makeup companies.

Now, lets get to what was inside..and first off the one product I was excited about was the Primer! ..why ? because I was almost out of my favorite (Smashbox PhotoReady primer) and I figured since this one was free I might as well go ahead and try this one out. Surprisingly the primer was ACTually not bad at all and did an okay job of covering my pores so that my makeup would look flawless ( per usual lol). It is a great backup to the Smashbox primer for every day usage. So lets just say my high end primer will now only be used for weekends and special occasions only .



Next up, I was really interested in the lip exfoliater because I ACTually handmake my own for my face and lips since I am a matte lippie girl ; so I had to see if there was something that would be great to have on the go or maybe throw in the bag for traveling. The Elf mint exfoliator is just that, it goes on smooth and doesn’t take for the scrub to have an effect . It smells great; looks like a lipstick and it gets the job done . This is a product I defintely will be purchasing in the future.

And speaking of matte lippies..nothing on this earth is sad like when someone says a lipstick is “matte” and come to find out its oily, glossy or it might as well be a colored pencil . This lipstick came in the color “wine” and I am NO fan of this at all ; however it is great to be worn as a liner for liquid lippies or to pair with another lippie. But for using it by it self it was a dry colored pencil that felt oily it was like a pastel crayon. Even the color was dull so yeah sorry e.l.f you lost me with this one.



Excuse my nails! was long week. and this lip color …NO!

Then there was the bronzer and highlighter… I love a bronzer and every girl loves a great highlight. e.l.f the bronzer was okay but this highligher!..ummmm….it barely came through, you literally have to put a lot on just to see half a sparkle. I used so many brushes and methods and nothing. Yeah thats where this review of that product ends.


Lastly, the Hyrdating Bubble Mask….now when this product says thtat when you apply it will “bubble” up it means just that…and it does it within in 5 minutes! lol. it feels so weird and this was fun using. Now, as someone with sensitve skin, ezema and acne I was cautious as to whether this was going to affect my skin at all…last thing I wanted was a breakout. And instead of breakouts I actually got refreshing, clean skin ..not as far it helping with the acne..not so much. But after using it like I said my face felt very refreshed and clean and then using my normal skin method it all worked very welll together. This is a product I will continue to use at least once a month for right now and possibly twice a week (unsure yet).



I have to say although  I did like the box I do feel like maybe e.l.f should have put a few things in there from their new line that recently hit stores but seems to be carried only on line. They did just release new brushes and new formulas for some of their products. Maybe next time *crosses fingers*

Thanks for reading…




Your 3/5 ‘s A**!!!


Nothing is awake about you all, absoultely nothing..oh wait let me correct myself you all are awake to the very thing that’s keeping you sleep. What do I mean ? It means that even though you are “seeing” what is going on in the world you all are still laying back down in the bed closing your eyes like somebody turned on a bright light and you all are just not ready to get up yet..and you mad because the light is on.

Black people are just as sleep as they were 2 years ago, 5 years ago, 6 years ago..even 10 years ago because you keep allowing things to happen, then call yourselves protesting or standing up for a cause or simply waiting on others to do it. Thats not how this works and it has proven that several times over the years. How long are we going to continue to let the cycle keep operating? simply we are too lazy to make change but have the energy to get up and entertain celebraties and spend money or chains, jays and other luxury items.

So you can show off for holidays that don’t apply to you at all. Your writing statuses saying you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving because of the slautering of the indeginous people…THOSE PEOPLE ARE YOU! ..but then you turn around and celebrate Christmas (instead of Kwanzza), Valentines Day, The 4th of July (instead of Juneteenth), St. Patrick’s Day .. I mean the list goes on. Black people are far beyond ignorant …its just safe to call you are stupid!. Because at this rate it seems that are only a few of us that truly understand…

“Fake Woke” people say they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving because of the historical reasons..but if you’re not going to celebrate one then you shouldn’t celebrate the others because they have historial reasons as to why Black people should not celebrate them…but yet again these two black men were killed. One was killed due to a hate crime #WillSims and the other because he bumped into a white man in a store #JamesMeans but you all were eating your meals and going to “Black Friday”. There is nothing “awake” about you all…what you are is the person whose alarms goes off and you hit the snooze button and goes right back to sleep. Its not the #mannequinchallenge that’s a distraction or #Kanye ( in which its time for us to admit that black men do deal with mental issues and disability and that him and #KidKudi are the only ones)  nor is it whos #notmypresident its Black people period that are distracted.

and This is NOT Obama’s fault its YOURS…because you didnt help him, you didnt vote for your congress men, you didnt go out and try to better your communities so thats how your new President became a man that has no experience at all ! as a U.S. official ….and by the way he didn’t and still doesnt want to be President!.

He wanted to prove that America likes a show, entertainment, gossip, social media to go to for information; proving that you all cleary failed Civics and had no knowledge of what a Primay Election was, Congressional Voting was, The Electoral College and that you really didnt want change you just wanted a figure in front of you to help make you feel better.


**and to all the people that wanted to scream “they didnt vote” let me explain something to you, when our ancestors and the people of Africa were fighting for the right to vote it had nothing to do with whether they liked the people on the ballot ( in which in order to have somebody you want on a ballot you have to vote in the Primaries) …it was about being a citizen of a country and saying that they wanted the opportunity to be apart of the decisions made in their country. That’s why they fought for their right to vote****


You are still 3/5 of a person because you behave like 3/5’s of person…

By the way…

Flint still has no water and North Dakota is about to loose their water because an oil pipline is more important then people.


This is no longer abour #hashtags because they are social media terms just to have people notice them..this is now about moving or continuing to loose to chest game.


Aqueilla C. Terry 11/25/16


Voluminous L’Oreal

O M  G! I am super excited to share this one with all of my makeup babies out there!. Let me tell you what recently came to my doorstep and blessed me!. Now besides the products that I have picked up….I was excited to receive my VoxBox from Influenster because I was looking forward to using their new mascara…and hey once I found out I figured might as well wait on the free one! lol.





Now you would think I would be excited for this Brow Stylist as much as I love a good brow! but I already own tweezers ( which I never leave home without) a spooly, and a an angled brush…but  I wear my brows reddish-brown! so even though I was looking for a dupe for MAC’s “Brownscript” ( which I did)….I have to say that the little packaging is great for traveling and this set is great for beginners. Now, if you have never tweezed your brows I suggest watching a YouTube video or just leaving that alone because the last thing you want to do is pull one too many hairs and end up looking surprised!…So be mindful of that ladies.



I mean but how cute is this little kit!…I mean L’Oreal if you want to make it in Auburn I would appreciate it!.

Now the eye shadows are pigmented …they could be a little more pigmented ..both of them I had to put a lot on in order for the colors to really come through. They are great to pair with other shadows within your palette especially if you are going for formal look versus really glam.

AND now the real stars of the show!

The Voluminous Primer and Voluminous Mascara !!!!! MY GAWD!!!! when I tell you these two combined give you lashes beyond your wildest dreams! ….I mean if you are someone who is a non lash girl like myself, I promise you will get the same look if better with these two!. And it’s so light weight! with long-lasting long lashes this combo is worth having in your kit. I know you heard what Jasmine Sullivan said “got mascara in my pocket cuz you never know whose watching you”…..



I mean compare it ( I used it on the left) and my regular Maybeline on the right. I mean if you are unable to tell then you are nowhere near paying attention. Oh and that eyeliner is okay I personally prefer my elf liquid eyeliner but the smudge on the end of the liner is a life saver for those of us who love a winged liner.

So there it is another product review. ….go check out that eyeliner and make sure you cop it because its worth it. Trust Me! …Eager to see what I get next from Influenster .