How Great : Is Chance?


“How Great is our Chance…

“How Great is Our Chance..

“Sing me how our  Chance”..

Just when you thought..he couldn’t be a better person he up and does this….



Yes, Chance the Rapper is seriously a name above many names in this industry not only for his music but for that massive size heart that’s in him. I mean if you have not been a fan of the “Acid Rapper”  before than you better be one now because he continues to show why we all should already be. With his many accomplishments in music this man deserves so much love and props for simply being honest.

Chance who has shared his majority of his story with the world has shown us that it is possible to overcome every obstacle that is thrown at us. Chance is an all around artists I mean have you seen his shows? videos? heard his music? I mean his creativity goes beyond measure. Chance is such an outstanding person President Obama invited him to the White House several times to discuss the situations in Chicago ( from crime to the school system).


**Fun Fact** Chance’s dad used to work for President Obama and he actually knew him when he was a kid.

Also, he has done so much for people , I remember 2 years ago when he donated a bunch of “tent coats” to the homeless people to make sure they stayed warm during the winter. This great artists continues to show that he is more than just an mc with a mic in his hand.

So I want to say, Thank you Chance for being you, for being a great father/dad, a listener, a leader, an outstanding artists and for fighting for your people. You are what Hip Hop is all about because you are doing what it was created to do, and what it has done in previous times as it will continue to do.

You are a gem and I want you to forever keep your faith high.


Love you..




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